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National Ranching Company Limited - NARCO

Subleasing of Ranch Blocks

Through Paper No. 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 2002, the Government decided that some of the NARCO ranch areas should be owned by the citizen to enable them to enter into modern commercial farming.Therefore, following these instructions, NARCO has leased a total of 116 long term blocks to Kitengule, Kikulula, Missenyi, Kagoma, Mabale, Usangu, Uvinza, Kalambo, Mkata, Dakawa, Mzeri Hill, and Mwisa II ranches. In addition, in order to increase public participation in modern and commercial farming, the Company has subleased a total of 124 short term blocks of one year to five years in Kongwa, Ruvu, Kikulula, Missenyi, Kagoma, Mabale, Usangu, Uvinza, Kalambo, Mkata, Dakawa and Mzeri Hill.


There are two ways to get Ranch blocks as follows: -

(a) Respond to ender advertisements when they are advertised in newspapers where among other things the Investors will be required to prepare a bankable business plan.

(b) For short-term blocks (one to five years) specifically for livestock fattening, the investors will be required to write application letters to be approved by the Village or Street Executive Officer, Ward Executive Officer, District Commissioner, Ranch Manager directed to the Managing Director. Also, applicant swill need to have a certificate of good conduct from the Police Force as well as a Citizenship ID.

(c) In addition, any strategic investor in the livestock value chain whose investment will bring positive changes to the industry may submit his or her proposal at any time accompanied by a business idea document (Concept Note).