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National Ranching Company Limited - NARCO

Mission and Mission


To become a model ranching company and the excellent producer as well as provider of the highest quality livestock products and services of international standards.


To continually innovate and develop sustainable, efficient and profitable cattle ranching operations that offer the highest customer satisfaction and good returns to shareholders.

NARCO is guided by the following eight Core Values

i. Integrity and Prudence: Acting honestly, ethically, professionally and with integrity, without compromising the truth.

ii. Quality and excellence: Delivering services and products of highest quality that reflects superior operation.

iii. Transparency and teamwork: Communicating openly, promoting cooperation, trust and work as a united team to attain common goals

iv. Continuous improvement and innovation: Continuously improve our performance, products and services and encourage creative analysis of problems towards solutions while building conducive working environment.

v. Respect: Respect, considerate and courteous to all both within and outside the company.

vi. Accountability: Taking ownership and responsibility for all our actions and their results at all times.

vii. Customer focus and satisfaction: Dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honouring commitments that we have made to them and

viii. Reliability: Advocating accuracy and consistence.


The main objective of establishing NARCO was to produce and supply high quality livestock and livestock products for domestic and foreign markets. Generally, the company is responsible for:

i. Developing commercial ranches as model farms;

ii. Produce and supply stock (heifers and bulls) for improving traditional livestock;

iii. Purchase of livestock from traditional livestock keepers for fattening and sale;

iv. Slaughter ranch animals and process for domestic and export markets;

v. Produce pasture and perform environment friendly activities;

vi. Train other livestock keepers on good livestock husbandry; and

vii. To be a model of livestock keepers in the country.


i. Human resource strengthened and quality improved

ii. Basic Ranch infrastructures improved

iii. Livestock support services established

iv. Animal disease control and monitoring infrastructure developed

v. Internal and external sources of funds mobilized and managed

vi. Livestock marketing information bureau established

vii. Livestock, and their products diversified and increased

viii. Livestock identification and welfare strengthened

ix. Livestock regulatory framework established

x. Excellent labour relations developed and maintained

xi. Social Corporate Investment enhanced