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Greetings in the name of the United Republic of Tanzania

On behalf of the National Ranching Company Ltd (NARCO), the producer of the acclaimed Kongwa Beef, I warmly welcome you to our official website. On this website you will receive reliable information on the company in our efforts to increase productivity in livestock and livestock products for local and export markets. You will also receive information about our ranches spread across nine regions in Tanzania. You will further get to know our products and how you can do business with us. The website will provide an avenue for various advertisements including availability of livestock, ranching blocks and various tenders. Last but not least, this website will provide an avenue for you to contact us and send us your feedback, concerns and comments on the National Ranching Company Ltd. Thank you very much for visiting our virtual office. I welcome you again and kindly ask you to share with others

The National Ranching Company Ltd (NARCO) was established in 1975 after changing the name from National Agricultural Company (NACO) a company that existed since 1968. NARCO is owned wholly by the government and is under the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries. The company is charged with raising livestock with emphasis on beef cattle in ranches spread through nine regions in Tanzania. Currently NARCO operates 15 ranches in nine regions in Tanzania.

You will find NARCO ranches in Dodoma (Kongwa), Morogoro (Dakawa and Mkata), Coast (Ruvu), Tanga (Mzeri Hill), Kilimanjaro (West Kilimanjaro), Kigoma (Uvinza), Kagera (Kikulula, Mabale, Kagoma, Kitengule, Misenyi and Mwisa II), Rukwa (Kalambo) and Mbeya (Usangu).

Operation of NARCO ranches is divided into core ranches (directly managed by NARCO) and ranch blocks leased to local livestock investors. NARCO is therefore, closely partnering with the private sector in creating wealth through livestock keeping in commercial ranches.

The mainstay of NARCO beef production is the Boran breed; a large, hardy indigenous African breed capable of producing high quality, tender and juicy beef! At NARCO this great beef is Kongwa Beef. Please collect your share of Kongwa beef from one of our outlets in Kongwa ranch (along Morogoro – Dodoma highway), Dodoma City (Area C), Dar es Salaam city (Nkrumah Street), Ruvu ranch (along Dar – Morogoro highway), Morogoro town, Sanya Juu and Sumbawanga town. Take a bite of the famous Kongwa beef, you will not regret your choice.

Welcome to NARCO, allow us to serve you!

Mr.Mohamedi Zuberi Mbwana

Managing Director